About Us

Dr Vijay Dwivedi is a known and an expert astrologer.

Born and brought up in a Hindu Brahmin Family, he has been close to God from a very young age.

He is surely a new-age astrologer, who moves with the modern out look and lifestyle… Pandit Ji is known for his simple and easy remedies to solve problems of individuals, which can easily be implemented and followed in day to day life. Pandit Ji has a vast and immense knowledge of Astrology and other occult sciences. He believes in solving human life problems in as simple way as possible.

People who have know Pandit ji from his childhood say that , he had intutive powers even as a young boy. But to this Pandit ji gives a simple reason ———-
Astrology is a science , the more you read the wiser you get”.

According to Pandit ji the secret formula for success is ” Jyotish is very near to truth. don’t tell lies for 10 years and 11th year whatever you will say will become the truth. Astrology is not mere calculation , it is a combination of jyotish knowledge and spiritual consciousness.
It’s a devotion ” ……

Pandit ji lives in Nagpur from year 2006, And serving his services to Jyotish & relevant Subjects & researches. I have also providing guidance to the people in the field of Jyotish.

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